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Copying Edroz's ad, because I'm lazy, and the guitar is just as it came to me. Same price, but I'll include a case.

Kramer Striker 7

specs are:

Alder body
bolt-on maple neck
medium frets
gotoh tuners
TOM bridge
1 vol.
1 tone.
3 way switch

guitar is completely stock except for a Dimarzio Blaze Custom bridge (brass baseplate), Tom Anderson neck pickup (not sure of the model, but sounds incredible!). i've tried out quite a few different pickups in this guitar, including a BKP Miracle Man 7 and the BC/ TA combo just works the best in this particular guitar. i also installed a Schaller T model Megaswitch and Dunlop straplocks.

guitar is in near mint condition and really sounds and plays great. fretboard has some slight flame figuring (which you can see in one of the pics), and the neck in general is pretty nice looking. overall feel of the guitar is similar to an Ibanez S series, very comfy. i really don't want to sell it, but i'm getting short on space for gear and all my 25.5 scale 7 needs are handled by my blue Carvin 727.

$325 shipped US only

i don't have a case for this guitar (it was shipped to me without one), but i can pick one up for an additional cost if you want. leather strap pictured is included as well

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