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Got this yesterday, my white guitar is now roughly the correct color :hbang:

I also included a pre-paint pic so you can see the board / inlay and imagine what it would look like without the masking on the board in the painted pic :lol:

- KxK Sii-7
- 25.5" Scale length
- White limba body, White limba neck
- Ebony board
- 12th fret hieroglyphic inlay
- Stainless steel frets, .095"x.054"
- UV style output jack
- Black hardware
- Black eye of Thoth on body / KxK logo
- Volume / Tone / 3 way switch
- push/pull tone for parallel neck pup
- BKP Painkiller calibrated set
- Gloss white finish
- Black painted binding on body and headstock
- Oiled neck
- OFR7


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I think I ill be forced to create the Eye of Anubis in black and stomp on your knowledge god azz.
pffft Anubis is a glorified ferryman, as Lord of Ma'at Thoth writes the fate of the universe :lol:

Steve, you ain't at the Mellon? (intermission posting ftw. :lol:)

One of our dogs is sick so I volunteered to stay home with her (nothing serious, would have just been messy to crate her for 6+ hours) :(
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