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Hi everyone,
I think there are many Europeans here who might be able to answer my question:

Why are there two guitar cab companies in the same city in Poland (Wroclaw) with such similar names? I assumed they were the same company but with different brandings but both have completely different websites. Also:
  • LABOGA was founded by Adam Laboga in the 70s and is now owned by Eryk Laboga (the site doesn’t explain if they are brothers, father-son, uncles, no details)
  • DAVID LABOGA, well their site doesn’t give any info about when or how the company started, but the same seems to indicate it was started and belongs to a person named… David Laboga?

What’s the deal? Both seem to be aimed at hard rock / metal players, seem to be in the same quality range.
Also both of them endorse many artists but it’s almost impossible to find reviews online, there are a few videos with decent quality comparisons of David Laboga cabs, and a few camera mic recordings of Laboga cabs, that’s it.

Any insight is appreciated, personal experience, reviews, how either of them compare, etc!
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