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Lance Responds to Landis Allegations | Team Radioshack

Obviously everyone has questions about Floyd Landis and his allegations. I would say that I'm a little surprised, but I am not. In all honesty, this has been going on for a long time. The harassment and threats from Floyd started a few years ago and really, at that time, we largely ignored him. Johan can speak more to what Floyd exactly wanted from us and the team. A year ago, I told him, 'listen, you do what you have to do.' We have nothing to say and nothing to hide."

"They started again with some consistency and with some energy about a month ago before this race when Floyd continued to email, text and harass myself, Johan, Dave Zabriskie, Levi (Leipheimer), Andrew Messick, the CEO of Amgen, right around the time that they were trying to get into this race. Floyd made pointed threats to Messick and to the leadership of Amgen that if he wasn't let in the race he was going to say X, Y and Z about their product.

"I would remind everyone that this is a man that, first of all, from our perspective and from what's gone on at US Postal and Discovery and all of those Tours, we have nothing to hide. We have nothing to run from and if anybody has any questions we would be more than happy to answer them.

"I would remind everyone that this is a man that has been under oath several times with a very different version. This is a man that wrote a book for profit that had a completely different version. This is somebody that took close to a million dollars from innocent people for his defense under a different premise and now when it's all run out the story changes. So we are a little confused. Maybe just as confused as you guys.

"But with regard to the specific allegations and the specific claims, they are not even worth getting into. I'm not going to waste your time or my time. I think history speaks for itself here. We've all followed this case for the last four years. We've followed Floyd winning the Tour and we don't know what he did or didn't do when he was on that team. We can only speak about what he did when he was on our team. We followed the case, we followed all the drama with regard to the case and now we see something different. That is about it.

(Asked about allegations that the UCI was paid off in a bribe)" Absolutely not. No. That is the other thing, if you get into it. Obviously we've seen the email and that is not correct. But a lot of other things in the email, the timeline is off, if you go year by year."

"Ultimately all of the other emails that have been sent around will come out. The emails to myself will come out. All of the emails to Andrew Messick will come out, to John Burke from Trek. For someone that says he is here to clear his conscience, why are you sending emails to other people's sponsors, other people's partners, to the organizer of a race, to the sponsors of a race? That has nothing to do with your conscience. Eventually that will all come out. But, no, absolutely not."
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