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Some nights, leftovers suck.

Other nights, when in the past three days you've gotten awesome pho, made a homemade lasagna, and then made a double batch of homemade chicken saag, leftovers rule.

Just sayin.'

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Dude, I am totally feeling ya on this one.

Current leftover stock: tenderloins, ribeyes and chuck roast (all with espresso rub); green bean almondine (with bacon!); roasted red potatoes; some creme brulee; scrambled eggs and sausage. It's been a good week.


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i make good lasagna but i always end up with a ton and get pretty tired of before it is all gone. I have red beans, smoke sausage and rice Plus some home made chicken pasta leftovers in the fridge now. Looks like I am set for lunch for the next couple of days.

I made a killer beef burgundy last week. I had great sandwiches for a few days :yum:
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