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Lo Pro Edge trem

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Looking for a 6 string Lo Pro Edge. Ideally looking for cosmo finish, but black is fine, too. Maybe chrome in a pinch, but no gold, as I'm not Liberace.
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Already looked, and they're pretty darn pricey. I can buy a Lo Pro from the US for less than 6 saddles will cost from them. Thanks though. :yesway:
I wonder if the Floyd Rose lo pro saddle will work?
I don't think so, man. Besides, I don't mind leaving the fishing line dangling for a while. I'm in no hurry to fix up the P3. I've got the P2 to enjoy for now, while I figure out what to do about the frets.
I might have some lying around, ut they'll be ones I swapped off for being worn, how many do you need and what condition is acceptable?
No longer looking for saddles. This unit is beyond repair for my ends. The intonation screws hex sockets have just stripped out when trying to remove them. Looking for a whole trem now.
Jesus. Did Alien bleed on your guitar?
Damn I thought the exact same thing, that is chewed up and spit out.
hey, dude, I actually have a lo pro that might solve the problem of the stripped screws for you, the plate underneath that they screw into is on it, and It's basically just a base plate, sorry being awol, but I may just be able to help you reassemble the trem. Otherwise, if you're buying a new one, I'll take the mothballed one of you as I think I can possibly fix it, let me know :)

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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