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Local Band My Singer Guested For

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Check these guys out, pretty crazy stuff. My singer did vocals on "Burned Beyond Recognition" and "Facedown Crucifixion"

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Yeah, I almost like his vocals better on this stuff than on our EP :lol:

And Derek Lee (the guy on the other two tracks with the deeper voice) from Heaven Ablaze is a friend of ours and also very awesome.
is this band looking for a vocalist? :idea:
is this band looking for a vocalist? :idea:
They are, actually :lol: Talk to ***, he hangs out with them all the time, or message them directly. The reason they got Darryl, Nigel and Derek to do vocals was to set a standard for what they're looking for in a singer, and they've got a blog posting about the specifics.
I'll talk to *** and see if i cant get some sort of audition.. should also probably practise too haha.

it would also probably mean staying in london this summer lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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