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Lost series final discussion

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So what'd everybody think?

Through the whole last season I felt the side flashes were silly, distracting and annoying. I still feel that way. The things I would've been really interested to see explained (what is the island, what's with the light, who gets to make all these crazy rules etc) were mostly ignored, and in deciding to ignore the explanations I think some of the things they put in just got a little silly (Oh look the heart of the island...we use a cork to keep that in check). I also have some more specific plot line questions but I'll leave those for later discussion if anyone's actually still interested in lost.
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There is no "now". Everyone dies sooner or later. You all created this space so you could find each other again

Really? That's what it boiled down to? Season 4 was where I "lost" any sincere interest in the show. It lost its intimacy. After that, it became just another show. I stayed with it because I was already in too far, but they just ruined it with
all the forward flash, parallel realities, time travel, meaningless characters bullshit
. I was happy to learn more about the smoke monster though. Anyway, I'm glad it's done.

The title was more fitting that I could ever imagine. It created so much cool shit, then "lost" most of it.
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