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Hey! I've got an AxeFX II rig and love it to death, but I also have this Blackstar HT-20 head and Avatar 2x12 cab that rock!! Since I got my new cab and actually have a real amp again, I'm thinking about making a new pedalboard. I'm looking for a good board that will polish my sound a bit more, which is progressive metal/djent/tech death basically. Here's what I need:

- Better overdrive (SD-1 and Route 808 are both amazing pedals, but not for this style, I'm finding), leaning towards a Maxon 808. For the record I HATED the TS9, the midrange was so muddy! So something like a TS9 but without that muddy midrange would be great.
- A parametric EQ** (Just to boost the 1.4kHz "djent" frequency)
- A nice GEQ (to cut anything below 80-125Hz)
- Compressor (to make the notes really even and pop out more, also to improve the clarity. The less it affects the tone the better! Keeley perhaps? My old CS3 colors the tone WAY too much)

Thanks for reading!

**For those who don't know, these are the following EQ's that can boost the 1.4kHz frequency that I am aware of:

Boss PQ-4 Parametric Equalizer
Boss SP-1 Spectrum
Carl Martin 3-Band Parametric EQ
Ibanez PQ-9 Parametric EQ
Boss PQ-3B Bass Parametric EQ
BYOC Parametric EQ
Artec SE-PEQ Parametric Equalizer
Catalinbread VariOBoost
TC Electronic Dual Parametric Equalizer
TC Electronic Sustain + Parametric Equalizer
Empress ParaEQ
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