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Minor, minor update.

OFR was originally ordered for a long term build for a guy. It sat for a couple years unpaid so I was just gonna use it but we dusted off his project, so it's now spoken for.

I'm glad because the neck sits way low in the pocket and the non-recessed FR sits WAY high, and the OFR is an especially tall version of the floating trem. I can shim the angle pretty good but the less I have to shim, the better. Decided to go with a Gotoh FR because even the standard model has slightly shorted deck and saddle height, but nobody had any in black in 36mm block in stock, so I had to wait and wait.

Finally someone had the right one, it came in mid last week, so I drilled for the trem mounting studs and mounted them. The body is kinda thin surprisingly, so the locking Gotoh studs were too tall to fit without bursting out into the trem claw cavity, so I swapped them with the OFR ones and even then, I took them to the belt sander to take off 3-4mm.

No pictures of any of that because it was a slog but I'll include some of that in the next update. I also drilled and mounted the locking nut, so technically I COULD string it up now if I wanted to. I considered it but I don't want to waste a set of strings, any fine tuning it needs could be done when it's time for final assembly TBH.

Neck is sanded to 160, all tool marks out. Needs to be sanded up to 220+, black lacquer for the headstock face and whatever I'm doing for the logo, tung oil on the back. Body needs sealer, sand, sealer, black basecoat, prolly a gesso or similar medium for the skulls to get painted on, then white paint, grey/yellow drybrush, black lower areas, then either nitro or satin poly depending on how I'm feeling.

Electronics is sort of a hold-up right now while I get some stuff straight. I also did a couple small supply orders and had to buy/sell some stuff for the shop, so it's been orders in, orders out, etc. the last two weeks, waiting for the dust to settle. That's along with helping out at my parents house, removed and rebuilt two decks and two roofs/overhangs to go along with that, some landscaping etc. I'm almost hoping for some rainy days so I have an excuse to get back into the shop more :lol:

Speaking of my parents, I was at their house in the attic rummaging around for some storage bins and found my old band memorabilia stash. Found this in there, which is from the night I got to play George's Skull and Bones. Bet most of you forgot his goth phase. :lol:

he used to live here in Arizonaseen his daughter pick him up nat 919 live one night and they brought bavck his bounder and stayed in that till stage time never knew he did a goth thing.. i told him your the resion i pcked up guitar hes dont blame me lol
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