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Matador gored in throat by bull (Warning: Graphic) Pic & Vid

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Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio is gored in the throat during the San Isidro Fair bullfight Friday 21 in Madrid.

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That pic is quite :eek2:
Except they spend several hours running the bull to the point of exhaustion, tossing it full of those heavy spears that bleed it, just so mister fancy pants can come up to a weak, tired, suffering animal and kill it with his sissy sword. You don't see a matador jumping into the ring with a fresh bull.

I fucking despise bull fighting. :noway:
I agree with all of this but you know... How many animals, wich live in far worst conditions of suffering, do we kill each day so we can have hamburgers? Hundreds of millions? I'm not for it (bull fighting), but honestly, I fail to see how killing a bull like that is that shocking. We humans are a bit hypocrite, me thinks. Just sayin'.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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