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We're pretty stoked to announce we've been named a Top 100 Dealer by NAMM, 3 years in a row now! Not only that, but out of 4000+ dealers across the country, we were nominated for "Best Merchandising Display" and "Best Website" at the recent Summer NAMM Show. Of those 2 nominations, we won "Best Merchandising Display"!

Pictured above is Joe Lamond, CEO and President of NAMM, our very own JAY TAGG and Kevin Cranley, NAMM Chairman.

You can read a short blurb on us and the awards here: 2013 NAMM Top 100 Dealer Award Winners |

If you haven't been to the shop, we'd love to have you visit and check the place out!

Matt :)

Matt's Music Center
1597 Main Street
Weymouth MA 02190 USA
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Awesome guys, congrats! Totally deserved, too, you guys run an awesome shop!
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