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James and Adam were exceptionally helpful this summer in helping me choose the right gear to get this rig really going. My criteria I set out for was that the rig needed to set up and tear down fast and sound pretty much perfect, meaning I wanted to get the right effects and pedals integrated. This started with modding the loop on the amp to series. Right after the mod, I could really hear how the effects I was running at the time in the loop needed an upgrade.

I'd used TC Electronics effects before in my old live guitar rig, and its great to come back to them. Playing around with the G System the past few months, it's truly head and shoulders above anything out there for its sheer flexibility with an amp and loops. I route the 'Boost' floor button to actually MIDI the lead boost of the amp, and the G System powers the pedals. IMO that is amazing! I have it set up in 4CM with the Recto's preamp in the Insert loop. I ran a bunch of different combinations with a wide range of pedals, and settled on the current setup.

Mesa Triple Rectifier (2000s era), Series modded, and a nifty purple light replacement on the front
RJM Mini Amp Gizmo
TC Electronics G System
Ernie Ball VP JR
Pedals in the G System loops: (1) ISP Decimator II, (2) Boss AC-3 Acoustic Sim, (3) Mesa Grid Slammer overdrive
Korg Pitchblack Pro rack tuner

I like simplicity. One cable from the rack to the pedalboard and the pedalboard should pack nicely into a gigbag. The G System pedal is huge and heavy, and it's angled in such a way that it sits poorly on angled pedalboards, and all pedalboards are pretty much angled. So I took my old Pedaltrain 2, flipped it over, drilled holes in it and bolted the G System pedal to the bottom, then velcro'd down the expression pedal. They fit perfectly together, and honestly this rules. Plus I can store the cable in the pocket between the G System pedal and the pedalboard:

Finally, I like a fast setup. 2 color-coded cables into the amp, MIDI, power, and the speaker cable from the amp to the cab. Everything is zip-tied in place. The pedals are different in this pic, as this was before I added the gate pedal, but the setup is still the same. The rig sets up super fast:

1) The gate in the G System is ok but doesn't cut it for high gain pickups. However it is awesome at calming amp noise. So I run a simple Decimator pedal before the amp in Loop 1 and the TC gate in the amp's loop on all my heavy and lead patches, and they're switched off for all my cleans.
2) The Tuner on the G System doesn't go below low B, and we tune to A for a few songs, so I needed a tuner that goes lower, hence the Pitchblack.
3) The only thing I don't like about the rack is that my lower tray does not slide out. I'm using a short rack, it's only 10" deep, and one issue I've had is finding a sliding rack drawer that is that short. I may have to make one myself, but if anyone knows of a very short slide-out tray, let me know. I have yet to find one short enough.


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Glad it's all working out for you Vince :yesway: I don't think short rack drawers exist, I came up blank on my own search for one.

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That is hot! If I ever go midi with my Roadking, I'll have to take a strong look at the G System for sure :yesway:

No, it actually has a quality clean channel! :rofl:
Who uses those? :lol:
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