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McRocklin - Remember this guy?

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One of the YT channels I watch from time to time is having an interview with him tomorrow, peeked my interest since I remember him from 20 years ago and then it seems he (and the rest of his band) totally vanished from the radar.

Music is a bit loud we can barely hear him in the beginning.

In case some still dont remember or have no clue who he is:


They had everything to be successful, could it be they were also victims of the end of Hard Rock and Grunge domination?
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Singer caught LSD after Terminator 2 and Salute Your Shorts.
That whole Bad 4 Good album was pretty damn solid. A little (ok, a lot) on the cheeseball side but still really listenable.
"Clear Skies" sounds like Mattias IA Eklund and Steve Via had a babe. A goofy looking English baby.
Musically, this:

Reminds me an awful of this:

Now (and at the time), I'd consider this band too gimmicky for me. It's a band of young kids. Being at the end of the hair metal days would also do them no favors since their music isn't that unique or memorable either.
Well they were kids playing whatever they wanted to play, I doubt anyone at those ages will be the next big thing in uniqueness.
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