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I find it slightly strange that this discussion has only one reply and that 2 of my favorite things are posted in it.

In all honesty, I don't believe in general that people pay attention to this sort of thing all too often.

People listen to music for many reasons. Some because it's catchy (ex: "I like all kinds of music [proceeds to list radio friendly stuff]"). Some for the aesthetic i.e. br00tal folk listening to death metal and all related, evil recluse D&D nerds listening to Burzum, or whatever else could be lumped into using music as a fashion accessory. Some listen for lyrics and lyrics only with very little regard to the actual musical content (any Regina Spektor fan..yeesh...). I could go on, but I believe you get the idea.

As far as mental state while listening, again I don't believe most actually thing about this consciously beyond "Driving... Fast music goes with driving... *Puts on CD" In this scenario, music is merely an additive. Red wine with your steak, if you will. The other option is to play music to induce a mental state. I are stressed, ampy, and high strung; therefore I are play Black Heart Procession.

Devil Doll is extremely complex emotionally. It's art. Loved by those who identify with it. Shining is frantic, abrasive, and intentionally unpleasant. The same could be said about it (though in my opinion to a lesser degree), which leads me to my next point that things of this variety find their ways into the ears of those that seek something deeper. Not to imply that I feel the video examples above are superior as there may be those who listen to Metallica and say that Creeping Death tugs at their heart strings like no other, but I'm making the attempt to account for a broad range of tastes in this mini rant. Perhaps it's much like humor in that the secret is shared experience (to a degree, anyway). Passion, soul, heart, whatever you call it will be heard by one listener and not the next and vice versa in regards to some other song with the same two listeners. For all I know, this isn't always what is sought and it's a shame. I need my cheap thrills and can rock This Corrosion while driving down 95 and feel no guilt, but I consistently find myself searching for something that hurts. Instruments playing something beautiful, yet conveying agony. Music that strikes me as "human"...or maybe "genuine" is a better word.

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