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Mesa cut off on me yesterday...

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No idea what happened. My Solo 50 just turned off, no lights and it won't turn back on. Fortunately my drummer's father is extremely good at that type of thing and is finding out whats wrong as we speak. I am scared that it is something bad/expensive. As soon as it cut off I swapped the power cable, changed the power tubes, and checked the fuse and neither of these made a difference. I really don't know what I could've done to it, its been running through a Furman, and I have a little fan behind it because the EL34s run a little bit hot, but that fan does its job perfectly.

I was able to finish band practice by using my ProCo RAT through a Yamaha keyboard amp....which sucked ass but got us through the rest of our songs. Really hoping its nothing major and something easily fixable that I can avoid in the future.
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Could be an internal fuse. If the thing didn't literally smoke and spit fire, it's probably not a huge deal.
Dude from Eurotubes is going to pick me a set of E34L's that run a bit cooler so they will (hopefully) have a longer life span than the Mullards. :yesway:
I'm not 100% sure it will work out that way. Mesa's are fixed bias (without modification), so I think any given tube of a certain type will draw roughly the same current in such a setup, unless the color coding literally translates into a resistance value. I could be wrong about that, but I've caught the Eurotubes guys saying silly things before so I'm not sure.

Mesas are biased very cold anyway, so they generally should exhibit good tube lifespan regardless of what you pop in there.

Regardless, I think Eurotubes are decent gentlemen, and you're getting some good quality tubes at a fair price. :yesway:
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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