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In case you haven't noticed the new icons at the top of the screen, MG is RSS-feeding Twitter now. If you're the tweeting type, and want to keep up with the going on here, feel free to add us.

Twitter: (mgdotorg) on Twitter

We also have a Facebook group, which you should join if you're the Facebooking type. There are no pics of JJ up there. Yet.

Facebook: | Facebook

And if you're one of the destitute that still uses MySpace, we have one of those as well that gets updated just about as often as Drew releases solo material.

MySpace: on MySpace Music

If you have a Soundcloud account, feel free to join the group here:

Soundcloud: group on SoundCloud

I don't entirely understand the concept of Pinterest, but in keeping up with the popular web trends these days I've started an MG, uh.. Pin.. Thing... Feel free to erm, follow it or whatever. :anon:

Pinterest: (mgdotorg) on Pinterest
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