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So, here we are, week 5 of the something for everyone challenge. Nick's in the lead due to contributing a law track. Despite noone doing LAW this season... aaaanyway, anyone wanting bonus points, remember, giving me a 60-90s riff of yours for other people to noodle over gets you ten whole bonus points!

Hope to hear more this week, keep it coming shredders!

Points totals so far:
Nick: 50pts
Scole: 40pts
Leon: 20pts
Valtteri: 30pts
Markus: 30pts
7DT: 20 points
Vince: 20pts
Buddha: 10pts
Iron1: 10pts
schreckmusic: 10pts

This was born out of some people liking doing covers, whilst others like writing songs, with a combination of a few people just not having enough time to do full songs (hence the lead a week). Do one, 2 or all 3. Also, it means I only have to track one of these per week.

Rules are simple, do 1-3 things every week, Post your creations in the weekly thread as soundcloud/youtube links. I'm aiming to get various contributions for backing tracks, each one will be credited to the author. As it's the first week I'm doing a dropbox download, but we should get some dedicated hosting or something like that courtesy of chris.

The deadline for this week is end of play, Sunday 20th December

Short rules:
- You have until sunday midnight/monday morning to post your submission
- Either do an original song, a cover/medley or a lead over the provided backing track per week.
- Submissions must be stuff you've done this week, no matter how awesome an old track/recording is
- 10 points for each submission, per category.
- submissions as souncloud or youtube links. Well, as long as it is playable from a post in the thread really.
- You can do multiple entries per category, but only the first one will score points.
- no eliminations, do your stuff as and when you can
- leads can be layer, melodies, you can chop and rearrange the track, whatever floats your boat really
- Don't be a dick to other people. You can go to for that.
- Don't steal other peoples songs
- Don't steal backing tracks or pass it off as your own, give credit where it's due if you want to share your awesome yngwie malmsteen unleash the fjokking fjury face melting solo.

LAW Track(s):

Just going to keep them all available, more choice, so have at whichever one you want.

A third one has been added courtesy of Nick, bringing some br00tz backing track mp3.mp3?dl=0 LAW 2 Dmin 100bpm.mp3?dl=0

Bah. I still suck.
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And here I thought I was doing great with a good start on a new song tonight.. :lol:
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