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I've added a completely default vBulletin skin to the forums skin chooser, which you can find at the bottom of every page:

This theme does not have any modifications done to it at present, so MOST of the custom functionality of MG will be missing, including some menu options like the Chat Room link. I'll do what I can ASAP to get things added to it.

There will no doubt be plenty of graphical glitches, and for now just assume that I'll get to them at some point.

Please Keep in Mind that any other updates that I do and post in this forum that aren't in this thread will be for the "Official" themes. I will try and get mods done to the white theme as well, but they will be last, as the regular, fixed-width skin is always my priority.

Hopefully this will help anyone who may have a problem reading the text on the regular theme.


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Blacker than the blackest black... times infinity for me.

Good to have the option for those that need it though. Reminds me too much of TGP, RigTalk, and Talkbass though for me to really use it here.

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Whoah, it's like I'm on Jemsite! :eek:

The real perk here - I can switch it up every so often at work, so it doesn't look like I'm spending ALL my downtime on the same message board. :D
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