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Moral Orel

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I saw the pilot of the series the first time it aired when I was whacked out of my brain. It hit pretty close to home. I was a bit disappointed when the series began to ran. As much as I enjoy religious satire, it seemed to me the show lost its focus and became something more along the lines of "HUUURRR XCHIANITY IS DUMB".

So I ignored the show for quite some time.

In the show's final months. I came back and watched a couple episodes and noticed a strange out of order continuity going on between episodes from different seasons. I thought maybe I was missing something and went back over ones I hadn't seen. It was a little better and the humor was blacker.

Then came the final season. Particularly the last few episodes. Orel's father became less sardonic and more... I don't know. Pissed off and real. Bitter, angry, full of regret. In many ways reminds me of my father. I think the character helped me understand my father a bit more, but I still wouldn't show up to the bastard's deathbed. Heh... Tangent. Anyway, the last episode aired the 18th (though I missed it and caught it later on teh interwebz). Though the ending to the series (and I mean the final minute or so of the episode) was a bit anticlimactic and sudden, but it was the first time I had seen any portrayal of hope in the series. I liked it.

I'll miss that show.
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I enjoyed the show as well. I stopped watching it for a while, probably most of the second season, but then I saw an episode probably a little into the last season and noticed how much darker it had gotten. I think that episode I caught was the one with Old Gunny.
Wow, they cancelled it? That sucks. Was a good show.
I never followed the "series" per se, but I've seen a lot of episodes, good show.

Also, whacked out of your brain, :yesway:
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