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I'd like to share with everyone a moment in my life some time ago that to this day remains the most metal couple of seconds in my life.

I'm in the car, its not a particularily metal car - an old red astra, and as per usual in queensland, a storm is brewing. Its night time, and theres barely a car on the road - because its brisbane and its after 10pm.

I decide it would be a good time for painkiller, so that thundering drum intro sounds - and then it happens - the metal planets aligned;

Halford lets out his classic opening scream :scream: the instant a huge flash of lightning goes off revealing to the right of me a Gigantic Billboard of Darth Vader as we drive past the billboard and painkiller gets rolling a boom of thunder.

Yes folks - the day darth vader herladed painkiller in the middle of a thunderstorm - thats metal nirvana.

feel free to share your own.
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