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Most Surprising Live Show?

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Thought this might turn into an interesting thread. Basically, what's a band that completely blew away your expectations when you saw them live? Either you expected them to be great and they were terrible, or you expected them to be terrible and they were great, or you expected one genre and got something else :lol:

For me, I saw a show a few years back and these guys were one of the openers. They came out with a hip hop intro track and broke into the song featured in the second half of this video (couldn't find a video of exactly what I saw, but this should give you an idea of how the show went).

Needless to say, I was expecting to have to sit through a generic hip hop set of some sort, and instead ended up with a full set of decent, catchy punk with great live energy and solid playing. :lol:
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Two in the same show, when I went up to Louisville to see Carcass. Openers were some local opener, Psycroptic, Samael, Arsis, and Suicide Silence. Opener was as good as you would think when you think "brutal Kentucky death metal". Psycroptic owned faces and I was really disappointed that I hadn't brought any cash, because I really wanted to buy some merch since they'd come all the way from Australia when they wouldn't have made a dime playing what they play even if they were American. Samael was interesting, but their performance was dampened by the rumor spreading through the crowd that Arsis was a no-show (I'd later find out - here, actually - this was because James Malone had checked himself into rehab for 17-year-old-girl-that-reads-too-much-Us-Weekly-itis. Or anorexia or something. I'm still bitter, I forget.).

Then, Suicide Silence came on. I almost went and hid in the bathroom for their entire set, but I stayed when the guitarist and drummer soundchecked with "Man in the Box". I was rewarded with one of the most entertaining sets I've ever seen, both for the music and the unintentional comedy. The bassist had a fan to blow his hair around while he played. The vocalist had an ego box and about 20 bottles of water (in a one hour set, he used every single one of these on his hair :lol:), and would do this absolutely bizarre bird-headbang thing every triplet riff. Look up "No Pity For A Coward" live on Youtube and mute it. You'll see what I mean within 30 seconds. The drummer had a little breakdown announcement bell on his drum kit, and he would make a huge deal out of hitting it. ******** screamed "Go back to California!" at them. And, of course, every single scene kid in that place was absolutely captivated. The music was heavy enough that all the other aspects of the performance made it good, and now when I listen to them I automatically go back to that place in my mind.

After this, on came Carcass. Remember that episode of Metalocalypse where Pickles reunites his hair band? And they're at rehearsal and he tells Michael Amott's character "I could hardly hear your guitar," and Amott tells him his amp is off to save on electricity? Apparently life imitated art, and convinced Bill Steer to join in. Guitars became audible about halfway through the show, and by that point we had missed "Carnal Forge," "Death Certificate," and "Corporeal Jigsore Quandary," so we just left. Fortunately, my disappointment in this was topped when I went to see Metallica last year, and they showed up. :lol:
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Yea, saw them too and was thoroughly unimpressed. LOL @ birdbang
LOL at everything, dude. That was the point. :lol: A Plea For Purging had the same effect on me when I went and saw them open for BTBAM.
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