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Most Surprising Live Show?

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Thought this might turn into an interesting thread. Basically, what's a band that completely blew away your expectations when you saw them live? Either you expected them to be great and they were terrible, or you expected them to be terrible and they were great, or you expected one genre and got something else :lol:

For me, I saw a show a few years back and these guys were one of the openers. They came out with a hip hop intro track and broke into the song featured in the second half of this video (couldn't find a video of exactly what I saw, but this should give you an idea of how the show went).

Needless to say, I was expecting to have to sit through a generic hip hop set of some sort, and instead ended up with a full set of decent, catchy punk with great live energy and solid playing. :lol:
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First time I saw Gogol Bordello...
Did you wear purple? I had so much when they came out here, it was ridiculous. The only time I danced more at a show was when we saw Streetlight Manifesto.

The weekend before last we went to see the Pillows. They're not one of my favorites, but they put on a decent show... and the grunge band that came with them was awesome. I was pleasantly surprised.
I :wub: Streetlight Manifesto.

Agreed! "A Moment of Silence" is one of their best in my opinion, but I really like "On & On & On" where it goes into Pachelbel's Canon. Who doesn't though?

I had growing-pain style cramps in BOTH calves that night/morning :lol:

Yeah, me too. We were also all drenched in sweat. The guys smelled soooooo bad. :lol: I can't wait until Gogol Bordello comes out here again.
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