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Motorcycle driving exam scheduled

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On the 15th of October. I'm fairly confident, just need to master the right and left hand turns and I think I'll be good. I got fairly decent with the figure 8's, and my slalom is alright. Probably not the best, but I think good enough to pass the test. I'll be practicing more with a coworker who has been hauling the bike on his trailer to an empty parking lot where we marked off all the shit with chalk. Time to play the motherfucking Rocky theme.

Once I get my license, not sure whether to ride the 93 ZX6 (which is beat to shit and has electrical problems) next season, or snag me a newer 600cc sport bike. I'm conflicted because I could very well drop the bike a couple times, but my old one just sucks and I want to ditch it :lol:
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Aww, :wub: it's been so long since we had a "JJ humps his shit" pic. :woot:

I thought that guy was a little plump, and the weather was WAY too nice for NB this time of year.
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