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My bands first mix of one of our live recordings Death/thrash content!

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We did some live recordings a few weeks ago and this ones came out quite nicley.

we are currently looking for a vocalist so if you like the sound of this and want to give it a go get in touch!

SoundClick artist: Nick110784 - page with MP3 music downloads

let me know what you guys think, chances are if you like black dahlia murder you will probably like this.
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anyone like/not like?
yeah all of our songs were written with having a vocalist in mind so your right.

its the first mix so hopefully we can inject a bit more life into it. that said i own cds that sound worse haha
thanks i'll look into it. our drummer may allready own it i'll ask him.

i've got 9 more to come so i'll wait till there all up and post the rest
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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