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My bands first show this Friday \m/

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Whats up guys,

As some of you know for the last year i have been working really hard with my friend writing songs, we put together a band and are playing our first show this Friday.

I would love to see some of you there, the show start at 9pm (we go on stage at 9pm), it is near Milwaukee in a city named Cudahy, the clubs name is Vnuks..

for more info PM me..

I don't know how many of you here are close to Milwaukee, but i would love too see you there

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Niiice. :yesway:
Man I wish I could go! Good luck bud, you're gonna kill it!

do it up!
If I was in the WI I would be there. Good luck man :metal:
Thanks guys \m/
"Hey guys, come see my band Dybbuk at Vnuks in Cudahy! I swear it's in the US!"

awesome man, take in every moment of it and lots of pics!
Guys so the show went down amazingly! Was a blast, and we got a HUGE crowed some how?

Here are some pics from the night (videos coming soon)

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That last pic makes you look like Samer Satan. :lol:
Nice :yesway: crowds are always a plus!

Other guitarist has sweet tats :metal:, but I see no guitar kicks, spins, or tricks of any sort :squint: lol
Nice! Did you take the Axe-FX out?
That last pic makes you look like Samer Satan. :lol:
:lol: I was just about to say "You look possessed by the devil in that last pic."
LOL, i didnt notice i looked so possessed, must have been due to a caffeine over dose (GFI archiver install 2 hours before the show) :\, lol.
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