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We did this video with the same guys who did Brian "Head" Welch's video for Flush. They also did a video for Lupara that has Mick Thompson from Slipknot in it and they also did the newest video for Mudvayne as well as the next two upcoming videos for Mudvayne! My friend who also happens to be the daughter of Bruce Campbell is the girl in the red dress in the classroom and the girl in the mask on the doctors bed as well as the girl being attacked by zombies. Shes actually not an actress but wanted to help us out and be in the video and I think she did an amazing job. It must be in her genes. The video is sort of in the same vein as Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness too. The storyline is basically a female who awakens from a nightmare only to find herself now looking like somebody different while being trapped in another nightmare and then it repeats. I just got the final version and I must tell you that this teaser doesnt do the actual video justice. They have added so many special effects to the final video its ridiculous. Its basically a 7 minute short film to our music with us acting in it too! As you can hear, the song is pretty radio friendly but has definite brutality in it too!

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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