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My current Rig (some Q's about playing a fest date)

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So i am going to be playing out at a pretty big festival date this year (summer fest), its one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

I am playing guitar with the band Hedda (im their 2nd live guitarist)

I have never played anything even close to this size before.

Im thinking of doing a a pretty basic 2x12 + ENGL (and my FX)

Is there anything special i need to know for doing festival's? Any equipment i need or am missing? They (Summer Fest) didn't really tell us what to expect.

If any one can make it, come see us (ill have the date pretty soon)

HEDDA on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Summerfest - The World's Largest Music Festival
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Ah ok, ill probably just bring the 2x12 because that's the only one that fits in my car, haha.
on bigger festivals there are (mostly) functional monitors, so you won't need your 4x12 to hear yourself like when playing at the local bar :lol:
Cool thing, man i have been practicing my ass of learning these songs, one of them has a 8 finger tapping part (and i am new to this technique) time to buckle down and learn :metal:
Nice man, the music sounds good!
Festivals are always a bit of a commando affair, you just have to get in and get the job done. Get there nice & early, check out the stage and the monitoring situation, most importantly make sure you introduce yourself to the stage manager and discuss how things are going to work. Nominate one guy who will be the spokesperson for the band, so you don't ask the stage manager the same question 5 times over.

Some festivals will force you to use ALL of their backline (apart from drum breakables), some will want you to use their cabs and your heads, some will expect you to be fully prepared with all your own equipment. The main thing will be the drumkit, most festivals have two moveable drum risers so that your guy can build his kit up behind the stage while the previous band are playing, ready to be wheeled on and mic'd within 2/3 minutes of the previous guys finishing.

Best bet is to make sure you have everything with you that you would need and then you can deal with whatever comes your way. I can't stress enough though, make friends with the crew. It's a little bit luck of the draw with who you get, but generally if you turn up prepared with a professional attitude, they will want to work with you. If you turn up in a mess, un-prepared and leave all your stuff around where they can trip over it in their working environment, their attitude will immediately change to 'I f*cking hate working with musicians'.

And spares of EVERYTHING, guitar leads, speaker leads, guitars, strings, power leads.
Great advice, thanks so much :yesway:
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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