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My current Rig (some Q's about playing a fest date)

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So i am going to be playing out at a pretty big festival date this year (summer fest), its one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

I am playing guitar with the band Hedda (im their 2nd live guitarist)

I have never played anything even close to this size before.

Im thinking of doing a a pretty basic 2x12 + ENGL (and my FX)

Is there anything special i need to know for doing festival's? Any equipment i need or am missing? They (Summer Fest) didn't really tell us what to expect.

If any one can make it, come see us (ill have the date pretty soon)

HEDDA on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Summerfest - The World's Largest Music Festival
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they mid cabinets, you don't even need more than one, if you have them it's for appearance that's all.
they mic the cabinets, you don't even need more than one, if you have them it's for appearance that's all.
I love when they mid the cabinets. Mid them sumbitches right up.
for some reason i wasnt able to edit it and fix that little typo, only quote it. so...suckmaballs :hsquid:
Anyway, go backstage and you'll see alot of combo amps with an SM57 right to cable snake to mixing board. Legendary performances have been recorded this way, Randy Rhoads for instance, with something like a 30watt ampeg combo lol
big festivals = insane amount of energy/monitor action so you're definitely not relying on a bunch of cabinets. Bring the 2x12, you're fine. They'll prolly have a wall of cabs behind you for show anyway. :rofl:
its cool
Nothing more confusing than a typo that spells out a word mildly relevant to the conversation. :lol:
and the inability to go back and edit it....*ahem* ohhh mods

cockermouth? u gotta be joking :rofl:
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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