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My HR Giger Tattoo - finally healed

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still have some small touch up bits to do on the tail but tis pretty much finished now
the *** flash made it look lighter than it really is but ya

so pleased with it :D

tis my fav piece by Giger who is my fav artist and his work and inspiration has always inspired me with my music so ya

(If you dont know - his drawings are his dreams as he gets night terrors)
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It looks better now IMO :yesway:
ya tis much better with the darker shading done
il have to try and get a pick without the flash making it really light looking :yesway:
indeed you do!

I took some more pics of mine that aren't online yet, debating putting them up or not - better lighting, similar shots lol.

head on over!
That looks well neat. My favourite artist too
That looks well neat. My favourite artist too
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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