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So my internet provider had "technical issues" in this area the last few days, so I've had no net. They re-established a connection yesterday... but the net doesn't work on my main computer.

I have 3 computers - one which is wired to the net (as in not wireless, it is the host and uses the main internet connection) which is downstairs. Upstairs I have my gf's laptop running on a wireless, and my music production computer running on a wireless.

The two upstairs computers are running a connection just fine (hence how/why I'm making this thread!) but the downstairs comp has just gone nuts and cannot get a connection, even though it's wired.

I rang the helpline (something I NEVER have to do usually) and they ran me through the normal protocols but to no avail. But in doing so I noticed that my PCI Ethernet hardware is not working, and I'm getting this imagine in my device manager:

So I downloaded some drivers from this computer, took them downstairs to the other comp on a flash drive and installed them.... still nothing.

So i tried UNinstalling the drivers for the Ethernet stuffs, and got this;

And that's where I'm at currently. Totally stuck. I've tried a system restore, which I was certain would solve the issue, but still nothing.

If I try to reinstall/uninstall hardware i get this:

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