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This is a crazy long story.
So on my second album I have what I would call a Blues/Metal song called Bad Luck Shoes.
To accomplish that with a full band sound you need not just two guitars bass and drums, and vocals, you need harmonica, and keys, usually piano or maybe organ, but piano is more true to the blues half of that.
So I found this guy from craigslist a year ago (cue the psychopaths). When I found him then I was supposed to audition for him on vocals, but he didn't like my view that no, I won't let some publishing company change things so the audition didn't happen.
A couple months ago I asked if he played harmonica and he did, so I asked if he would play on the song. I even offered to pay him, but he never gave me a quote.
I texted him some ideas of how I wanted it to sound. The song is in B minor, so a blues harp doing bends on the F# note would be ideal at key times. (I as writer have the right to decide how it sounds, don't I?!)
A week went by, and he gave me a track today. By the way, we're all recording on Reaper linked through the Megadrive (very good cloud, lots of free room). So of course I gave him access to it like any of the rest of us on the album.
He instead of giving me a normal, good track, gave a vulgar that I will not describe insult parody track of it while it was in the background. Just a totally vulgar troll.
I asked him, "Um, this is weird, did you make a normal one?"
He then proceeds to vilify and mock me on text for two hours.
He also said he leaked it online and got a thousand plus plays. It went on worse from there.
Then he said he'd downloaded the whole album and was proceeding to do it to all the tracks and leak those.
Later he tried after all this to apologize, which I most heartfelt rejected.
I know this whole thing he did is straight up illegal.
All the tracks are copyrighted as of 2019 from demos. Then there's the harassment and bullying, the theft of intellectual property before it's even ready, so much is wrong with this.
I'm trying to find a lawyer who'll take this pro bono so I can clean out his wallet. It's either that, or I molatov cocktail his house, so let's hope I get a lawyer soon so I can stay out of prison.
The anger I feel at this is unreal. It's the same level I had when my Uncle molested me when I was 5. This could easily land me in prison, this much anger.
Any advice you guys have on entertainment law regarding this incident would be most appreciated.
Hopefully my old drummer/therapist calls me soon, it's very late now, 2:35 am. He's two hours behind me in time zones now.
The dude stole and raped my album dudes!!!
How am I not swearing? Fucking A omg!!!!!
I would greatly appreciate if any comments to this would be nice and professional. I've had enough trolls for this lifetime,
Ugh, Face, Palm.
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