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Drew doesn't want some thrice-flipped Canadian shitpost Strymon. He wants a pristine one.
That's ridiculous, Strymon used pedal sellers/Reverb users offering a used version of any pedal over $200 new price their pedals extremely economically. You can save up to $5-7* over buying a new one.

*Before shipping.

Sure, that might not seem like a lot, especially considering that if you buy it new you can get free shipping, or you might even find a shop that is doing something crazy like a sale in addition to offering free shipping, but we can't all be the 1%. The elite comfortable enough to spend $5 extra to get the new version of a $500 pedal.

OP Looks like he already sold his within hours of listing, so I'm guessing he had it priced more realistically than the standard "$25 off a $500 pedal for the privilege of buying it used" Reverb hipster pedal merchant price point.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts