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Got this babe a few days ago, for some reason my internet was doing alot of problems till now.

I've done a video review but I'll write a short review here as well:

Specs: It's now on the discontinued section on the framus website,
framus isnt producing the panthera custom 7 anymore in that format,
it's now having a mahagony body without a top, rosewood fretboard and a set mahagony neck with SD blackouts.

My panthera's specs(framus website):

* Bolt-in
* 7-string
* Available as right-handed or left-handed*
* Mahogany body
* Arched AAA Flamed Maple top (bookmatched)
* Ovangkol neck
* Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard
* Scale length: 25.5" (648 m)
* 22 jumbo frets
* Plek Technology is used for Guitar Set Up
* Original Seymour Duncan pickups for 7-string guitars: SH1-7 (neck), and SH4-7 (bridge)
* Framus 3-way toggle switch
* 1 x volume and 1 x tone control
* High Polish Finish (optional Finishes see table of colour)
* Wood binding (not valid for Natural High Polish Finish)
* Framus locking machine heads
* Tune-o-matic bridge with stop tailpiece
* Warwick security locks
* Chrome hardware
* Framus low friction nut
* Weight**: 4,3 kg
* Strings: Dean Markley Nickel Steel Electric (.009" -) .054")
* Including Framus "User Kit"
* Comes with "RockCase®" flight case RC 10826 B F


This guitar is definately a high end guitar, top looks beautifull,

the ebony board is really sleek and the neck has a really nice figuring to it.

Visually to me this guitar isnt less stunning than my Prs.

Also, the top may look purple on the pics but it's a more gray\brown top,

you can see it more clearly on the video.


This guitar sounds huge, sounds alot bigger than my K-7, and has a nicer charcter to it.

As I stated on the video, this guitar is definately more clear and defined than my K-7(even with the Jp

pickups), every note on every chord is pronounced, but it's still having a very chunky and full ryhthm, very nice.

Leads sounds great as well, might change the neck pickup in the future though.

I might say that the PRS has a nicer charcter for leads, but it's individual,

the framus sounds really sweet and fat, but less compressed than the PRS.


This guitar feels great in hand, the neck feels simply amazing, not as wide as my Ibanez, but abit more

thicker, suits me better.

The ebony board combined with that neck gives it a really sleek feel while playing, the frets are smaller

than my K-7's and that suits me better too.

The bridge feels really good, I was actually abit concerned about the fact that this guitar has no tremolo

system, it's the first guitar I ever bought without one and so far I'm actually really happy with that bridge.

The guitar's body is really thick and heavy, it's twice the thickness of my PRS, and I actually like it, feels

like alot more guitar than my others (-:

When playing in standing, you really notice that the bridge makes your right hand seat abit higher than the

body, this feels alot more natural to me and I actually lowered my strap, the guitar feels really comfortable

while playing in standing and it balances really well.

If you can snag one of these out, definately do it, it's a great instrument,

kills any other 7 I tried(Jp-7, K-7, Schecter loomis, Schecter blackjack, 1527, A UV, Framus diablo, dean


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