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I finally did it! After selling my Powerball and my G-Major 2, I was able to make the purchase I wanted! THE AXE FX ULTRA!!! As a bonus, I found a Carvin DCM1000 1000W solid state power supply for cheap too!

I don't have enough hardware to mount the power supply, so it is just sitting in there like a lame duck :scream:

I haven't tried the power amp either, since my cab is at the band house, not in my apartment.

More Axe pics!

Foot controller!

Epic Rig!

Okay, so quick axe review.

Note that I have only tried this through my cheapo logitech speakers, which are craptasticuliscious!

When I first fired it up, I was definitely impressed. I spent the first hour messing with the ambient effect heavy patches, just having a blast!

Then it was time to try to build a rhythm tone. After a little tinkering, I was feeling what people were talking about, with the lack of life due to the lack of tubes. Then I realized that I didn't have the boost channel of the amps on, and that I didn't have the power amp simulation right. Holy shit! Wow. The Powerball sim sounds just like my Powerball, but better. Coupled with a compressor and a parametric EQ, and toss in a modded TS in the front, and HOOOOOLY SHIT, this thing is a beast. Even through my cheapo speakers the drive and overall presence of the tone was shaking my guts. The effects are top notch, and I am just having a blast. :yesway:

I decided to go with the solid state power amp. I know it probably won't sound quite as good as, say, a Mesa tube power amp, but I have a good reason. The Axe models all kinds of tubes, and I didn't want one specific tube in the tube power amp to mess that up. A 6L6 model shouldn't run through an EL34 power section :rofl:

I gotta say, I COULD NOT, absolutely COULD NOT be happier. The only complaint I have of the Axe Fx is the lack of a headphones out on the front panel, but whatever, this fucking thing rocks!

Never been this happy or excited about ANY piece of gear (2027 pictured is close though)

I'm on the bandwagon running over all the fuckers with their tubes :devil:


Time to go plays some more guitars.

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Nah, you need a real hot glass pair :agreed:


Pizza party!
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Well, you know my thoughts on this acquisition. :lol:

Congrats, man. I guess it's an Ultracular week around here.

Hopefully Dave will show up to remind you of how it's not an amp, though. Or maybe the inclusion of a power amp will suffice.

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Axe standard? Dude, all I gotta say is either way, you will love it!
I wish :(

*checks Kijiji*

Taking a trip to Sarnia, perhaps?
That's the plan, depending on funds and a reply from the seller :lol: Your kijiji-fu is mighty. :agreed:

Not really an upgrade in sound, but way more giggable than what I have now.

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Congrats, bro, and welcome. As an Axe Fx owner who started with a solid state power amp, I gotta say I prefer the t00bz. Of course, that could be because I'm using mostly Mesa amp sims and a now a Mesa power section :lol:
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