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After years of this being my dream amp, I finally have my first bogner,
the uberschall twin jet, and by far, it didnt dissapoint my expectations at all!

I didnt got to try it through a 4X12 yet and I'm going to do so today,
by far, these are my thoughts:

Specs: Something very important to note, this one was ordered with EL34's,
I know I like el34's and really miss their midrange response on other tubes so
I asked bogner to ship it with these, these are JJ el34's by the way.

Also ordered it with a white tolex and a black grill as you can see on the pics, this amp looks amazing, I'm just staring at it sometimes thinking how pretty it is.

Construction: This thing is really massive, alot heavier than my knucklehead reverb
with transformers that looks about twice the size of the rivera's, the grill is really solid and well made and so does the tolex, overall the amp is built really well like you would expect from bogner, not a single issue, looks and constructed as amazing as it sounds.

Channel 1:

I like that channel, I'm not sure if I'll use it that much for the distorted tones but it can get alot of great rock and lead tones, that's a really great addition to the second channel,
really sounds great but the distorted sound of channel 2 is where I live.

As for setting it to clean, I found it pretty easy, not an amazing clean, but usable, sounds cool to me, I'm waiting to see how it'll sound through a 4X12 in real volume.

Channel 2:

That's the best high gain tone I've ever heard, I knew I'll love the uberschall even from the few sound clips I've heard, I was right, I love how this channel is voiced, this is my tone, this is what I tried to reach when I tweaked my rivera and the Engl Invader, Engl powerball, Orange thunderverb, Framus cobra, I tried, also got to play through a mesa rectoverb and a roadster, these are all nice amps, but the uberschall is the only that really nails what I want from a high gain amp.

Overall gear pic:


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I :wub: my Uber!

It was one of my "dream" amps, and when I finally got it, it lived up to my expectations. Now I just need an SLO and I'll be set for high gain amps, and can start acquiring mid and low gain vintage amps! :lol:

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Very nice dude. I didn't rate the new Uber with the old one (had both at my work) but it's still an amazing amp; just didn't have the 'feel' I was looking for. But Bogner's are very unique amps, certainly different, and you're going to sound about a bajillion times better than any other guitarist with that rig, haha.
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