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Yes, the Axe FX using young dude bought an amp.

Got myself a Revv Generator 100R Mk. III. The 100R is basically the Generator 120 (flagship amp) with just the Red channel. 120 has Purple and Red for high gain channels. The Red channel is more of the "Mesa" or "Recto" channel and honestly I am a Red channel person at heart. I also have the Revv G3 pedal, which is the purple channel in pedal form, so if I need purple channel tones I have it. I got my 100R from sweetwater so I didnt get to customize my tolex. Overall its been awesome so far. I love the embedded Two Notes Capture X. I can get awesome tones without being super loud (makes the wife happy too). I dont have any demos of tones yet as im still setting up tones on the amp/IRs. I will just bombard yall with demos when they are ready.

Also, the Green channel on the 100R is so great. You can get great crunch tones on it, and it has two drive modes on it. The modes chance the EQ and Feel, while also adding more gain. It sorta allows you to get the classic rock/marshall tone. My 100R has 6L6s in it, even though I sorta wanted KT88s, but honestly the 6L6s are perfect.

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