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New 'Advanced Direct Injection for Guitar-Load Box' Day.

(Palmer PGA-04)

I've had this a few weeks but due to working away and being in love with Bias I've not had much chance to fire it up and test it out until last weekend.

I After James sadly moved on to pastures new from our band I wanted to rerecord some of our tracks for the demo with some of the new sections and our new guitarist Richie and without paying for a studio again and the associated time pressures.

SO i picked this up a couple of weeks ago from 7 dying trees and have finally given it a run through. I ran its output into the POD and through my headphones with no effects, and it sounds pretty good so far. I ran the stock cab sim which was pretty decent - probably not as good as 3rd party IRs but I'll worry about that when I record.

I found blending the filtered and unfiltered signal with the 6Khz cut gave some nice bite to the tone that just the filtered signal was missing. So far its a great for running my amp at home for silent recording which is all i can ask for. I'm going to attempt some recording monday night at my bass players house and give it a really test :flex:

Here is the only pic i've taken as its not really that sexy to look at, and I'm not some instagram ponce.

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