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NCD: '76 Marshall (Straight) 4X12 w/G12H30 55hz "Blackbacks"

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My '76 full stack is now complete...:D I already had a 1976 Marshall (Straight) 4X12 w/G12M 75hz "Blackbacks" (Greenbacks). Today, I just added another...a 1976 Marshall (Straight) 4X12 w/G12H30 55hz "Blackbacks."

The G12M cab is a lot smoother, more neutral in the midrange and has a focused bottom end that's "crunchy" and not overly "big." The G12H cab - especially having the 55hz models - has a bigger bottom end to it. It seems to have some more emphasis in the lower mids and it's also brighter, but not in a bad way. They compliment each other well. Vintage Marshall cab mojo FTW...:metal:

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Whoops...clicked on the wrong forum...can someone move this over to the gear forum...thanks...:D
I'll have to take a shot of both cabs together soon. I'm in the process of rewiring it right now. I don't know what the last owner did, but it's a little screwy, haha. An easy fix, though.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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