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My season of spending continues. After Christmas, I was browsing OfferUp and saw an ad for a complete Alesis Nitro Mesh electronic drum kit for $50. A GREAT deal but I hesitated. By the time I decided to get it, it was sold. I kept looking and then found this- an Alesis Crimson kit that was listed for $350. The ad stated that it was missing some items and that was clear from the pictures. That being said, the major parts were all there- all the heads, cymbals, controller, and the frame/hardware. I did some searching on eBay for some of the missing items and decided that even if I had to buy those additionally, I'd still be buying the kit for less than its going rate on the used market. It was still available so I grabbed it.

So I have it- but haven't been able to try anything out yet. The parts generally seem like they're in good condition. The kit drum mesh head has a tear in it from use but I have a replacement head already on order. It's a gamble but I'm hopeful it will work out. This kit can be expanded to include an additional tom and crash cymbal so I plan on adding that down the line. Also, I learned about this product called Drum Splitters which takes a dual-zone drum pad and splits it out into two inputs. This way, you can take a wasted trigger like the rims of your toms and then add a cymbal instead. There are some tradeoffs but I think it will be fine.

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