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Need a home server? Check this out.

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Amahi Home Server - Making Home Networking Simple

Basically built on Fedora 12 (unfortunately), but offers a web interface and one-click installs on a ton of cool shit, like:

web-based VPN
H.264 video streaming
iTunes server
content management
centralized calendar
Samba server
DLNA server
Greyhole, which makes the server act like a Drobo (multiple dissimilarly sized drives, using free space for redundancy)

and a bunch of other stuff. Really quite cool, and so far I'm very pleased with it. Best of all, it's free.
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I rock this for my main server for storage

features [FreeNAS]

Coolest thing since sliced bread.

Chris, what Mac Mini server are you running? The Mac OSX server software on a Mini?
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