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I've finished (I think) a new song that I would really like your input on. Like most of my songs, this is yet another thrash-metal tune.

I've not really been active searching for a vocalist to collaborate with, but I think I really ought to.
So if anyone want to step up and think they can add a kickass vocal track to this song, please contact me.

There might be some changes in the arrangement to make room for a proper guitar solo. If anyone would like to add a solo, please feel free to ask me. That would be awesome!
As always, it's much appreciated if you got some suggestions to make the song better. Constructive criticism is extremely important if you want to develop as a musician, and I value that just as much as the good words!

Thank you!

The song is called "Edge Of Darkness" and can be found here:

SoundClick artist: Ognedal - Metal, Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Alternative, Intrumental
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