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I like it, it's kind of thrash with a punk twist which is pretty cool. It's a bit of a cacophony with the drums though, they don't have enough definition to tell what's going on at that tempo. I think you should change the kick. Also make sure you keep the vocals tighter, the beginning of polar opposites could have had a better tone, but closer to the yelling bit and the yelling bit fit really well with the song in my opinion.

Axis has some really cool riffs going on, but I think it needs more of a hook somewhere to separate the chorus, maybe like a higher vocal part going ahhhh or ohhh or whatever. I think it needs a solo over part of the staccato rhythm part too. The end is sweet!

I dig it :yesway:, I could see it going over really well live. Also I'm being completely honest, I would tell you straight up if I thought it sucked :p. Do you write everything yourself or are there other members?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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