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Neural dsp transpose vs Gojira Whammy and others out there

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Apart so many things i would like this company to deal with
-integration of hardware with their plugs
-hardware controller
-ability to use effects outsude sim for un limmited readons
etc etc

the one most important feater is drop tune, whammy
Gojira sim has a whammy, but ppl say they rather just drop tune using JP, Rabea or the new Mesa Boggie sim., cause the only decent whammy sim is in Helix or IK multimedi’s Amplitube., i want both droptune and whammy., kuassa has a new one but so does Apple…having a close as possible digitech including vintage clipping would rock..but no one has even considered this, not even positive grid with their fx mods.

anyone have more experience with this one please share.
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