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Sounds like Queensryche to me.

Man, someone needs to sick the lyric police on Todd, though. "Tear down the walls" needs to be retired. Breaking chains, tearing down walls, piercing veils, rising up, being heard, etc.

Rumors circulating that Todd actually played drums on this record. That doesn't sound like Scott to me, not the playing or the way his kit has ever sounded. There's zero crack in the snare and the kick sounds like a straight sample...actually, the more I listen, I'm wondering if this was played on an electric kit. There's zero dynamic in the hi-hat or snare. I'd be willing to bet actual money that that's not Scott playing on this. The band's Twitter (who I think is run by Todd these days) dodged the question and only has said that Scott is not out of the band. Casey Grillo has been playing with them for around a year, maybe more. I think if they admit Scott is out they'll lose that bit of credibility his name in the band has given them.

Not sure if I'll see them in a few months, I want to, but they're playing at the Hard Rock Live at the hotel and won't turn the damn P.A. up past conversation level. Quiet concerts suck.

Edit- dug around Todd's FB page and the first post regarding the song I found this-

Orlando Teixeira Todd, I think it sounds great. There are going to be people who are not happy because Scott is not drumming (or at least that it doesn't sound like his normal fills, etc). In the world of music that is coming out lately, I will take this 10 times out of 10 and play it loud!

Todd La Torre It's all good. No one can blame anyone that shows up and puts the hard work in. They can blame who doesn't.
Thx and so glad you dig the tune. There's so much more on this album to take in really.
That's a pretty good dig in Scott's direction. Bummer, his playing and sounds are a huge part of what I love about Ryche. Apparently I'm not the only one, as even non-drummers are commented about it on FB.
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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