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Why has no one mentioned the ONLY way to dial in a Mark: crank the mids, scoop the GEQ. :lol:

Marks love to have the midrange opened up, which is what gives you that thick crunch, and the EQ is where you add the aggression. Plus, the GEQ in makes the signal a lot hotter. In Mark IV mode, don't be afraid to crank the fuck out of the gain knob. In IIc+ mode, you have to boost it. Don't forget that they're dark amps, so be more liberal with the treble and presence knobs. And seriously, put the midrange on at least eight, then several glorious weeks finding how the GEQ needs to be set for you.
This :agreed:

Dave is dead on. V that graphic eq after boosting the core channel mids.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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