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New Band: SLUGEATER! link to music inside!

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SLUGEATER is a 4-piece metal band looking for a drummer out of London Ontario! We like brutality, we like southern swing, we like melody and we love to have fun!

This weekend we recorded guitars and drums, tomorrow we add bass and vocals then it's polishing and hosting to our myspace: SLUGEATER on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads. We recorded at Richard Leblanc's (TERRORHORSE (NEW SONGS! BOOK US!) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads) and ******* Fleury of Terrorhorse laid down the drum tracks for us.

These are the raw tracks we have so far, so the quality is not the best. These were recorded so we can find a drummer who is eager to write and play with us. Having been out of a band for a while, I'm excited! We also have a guest vocalist who will be doing vocals for song 2.

You can hear our stuff here: Feedback is welcome, and I'm quite aware that some people won't like it; that's expected, it's music!

Add us to facebook and myspace if you like what you hear!

EDIT: the .mp3 compression raped these, the .wav files sound much nicer!
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nice, good luck finding a drummer and 2nd guitarist mang!
Thanks Dave!

We have 2 guitars :) - they wanted 3, I'm actively persuading them otherwise lol.

This isn't the finished product yet which is why it's not on our myspace page; I really want feedback on the guitar riffs from the forum members at this point as I wrote one of the tunes :yesway:
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