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Ritz Camera salesmen are somewhat commission-based, by way of "spiffs" they receive for certain items sold. I worked for Wolf Camera for 10 years, then a mixture of Wolf and Ritz stores after Ritz bought Wolf. You may have paid a little more than buying it from one of the NY con-artists, but chances are you'll get more help should you ever need it from Ritz than you would from the shit bags in NY.

Nice camera! I'm still mulling a D3000/3100, because I'm tired of borrowing my dad's D90 when I need something nicer than my Powershit.

Maybe I will grab Chris's D3000 used from him, once I tell him the D3100 was co-designed by Jonny Ives and comes with an Apple sticker. :rofl:
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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