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New Carpenter Brut (for the New Retro Wavers in here)

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Also featuring a Garm/Ulver collaboration.

And I gotta admit, that is a sweet ass song.
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Not normally my kinda thing, but I enjoyed 'The Assassination of Julius Caesar' so much I think I might have to check this out off the back of this track.
somehow the guy on the album cover reminds me of Richie Faulkner...
wtf, this isn't doom?
And i feel bad about it.
Moar leik Carpenter Butt amirite
Just finished listening to the whole album. I really dig this, gunna have to buy it. :yesway:
I've been listening to this genre for like a year now.

This is maybe the coolest music video I've ever seen

Big fan of Lazerhawk and Perturbator, this stuff is all instrumental though.

I lean a little more towards Gost and Scandroid in this genre, but this stuff is still pretty awesome.
Not to spam this thread with more stuff people :dgaf: about, but this is the first Carpenter Brut song I heard (on Pandora I think?) and the whole beginning reminded me of Vai, then the middle section has a kinda Dimmu feel. I've got friends who aren't into Synthwave or even the rest of his stuff but they still dig this track.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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