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Ok, quite a bit of stuff here so we're just gonna jump right in.

Bought an RG2228 from Canada Kevin (aka 'Professor Squidbeard', aka 'Cancer666') from MG Classifieds.

Same night ordered; 3 sets from JustStrings, Line6 HD500 and DiMarzio Cliplock from MF, and 8' of the largest fretwire I've ever seen - Allparts #0877.

Called in sick from work Friday to be at home to get the parcels from MF and Allparts. Got a 3 day weekend playing with my new toy. It was the first time I've called in sick to work in 7 years. Didn't hide my voice or anything like some do, just told them I was staying at home because "My lips hurt, real bad." They asked what I meant, and I just repeated, "I don't know, they just hurt real bad." …I left it at that, and felt no guilt whatsoever. Ha!

…but I did get pulled into the office by management on Monday.

…….it was worth it.

Continuing on!!

Oh great UPS…Here we go.

Oh man, that goes way in there, doesn't it?

Phew! It works.

I didn't like the HD500 at first. I didn't even get past the first 3 patches before starting to make my own, and I'm really happy that I allocated my time in that fashion.

First priority was to set up a Jazz Clean, which came very easy. It even picks up the sound of your fingers on the fretboard which I found very organic sounding / feeling for a modeler. It also responds to the nuances of finger picking chords and such. Awsome.

Never was a fan of "Djent". I go for "Jud-Jud".

Jud-Jud is like Djent, but not Djent. It's like Meshuggah, but has its own thing which makes it NOT sound ANYTHING like Meshuggah AT ALL to the musical elite with perfect pitch trained ears.

Like this;

Now the HD500 and I are bestest of friends. I'm trying to get a low gain fusion solo sound that I'm happy with. It's a balance of gain / sustain with that one that I'm trying to figure out using boosts and eq's and such. But the new modelers really are catching up on being able to simulate the "feel" of playing electric / amplified guitar. Overall I'm very pleased and find myself wondering what the AxeFx Ultra is like.

To the guitar!!!

Kindof a fiasco getting the Ibby…I traded shifts with someone at work to be home when USPS comes to deliver. I watched from my window as the mail man drove up, put mail in the box, then drove away. So I got on my bike and rode to work figuring it had not been loaded to a truck for delivery yet.

Checked the mail box when I got home, and what he had put in the box was a "sorry we missed you" notice….

I went to pick it up today from the service center before work, and the troll working the window was like, "Oh! This is that one from Canada!?" while making large motions with her arms. She was like, "Well, if he didn't get it out of the truck……I mean… you know how big this package is?" Like that justifies NOT delivering the mail!? I don't even know about anything anymore apparently. I told her to just go get the package and bring her rolley office chair with her to wheel it over. I don't have to tell you guys that it wasn't heavy. This was so fucking stupid.

And sadly, I've had the exact same scenario with FedEx when I got my 7 string fretless from Italy. I heard the truck, but the driver just ran up to the house and put the notice on the door. No doorbell, no knock. I called her supervisor and they sent her back again. Pffff.

Continuing on!!!

Brought the package into the break room at the pharmacy and had my NGD party in there.

Pronounced weapon of mass dectruction?

Kev promised "peanut hell".

Minimal spillage. Kev's plan = thwarted.

Yay fer meeee!!

Got her home and plugged her into the Jud-Jud machine and I LOVE these pickups! I've been reading about Lundgrens since Jemsite from before existed, and always kinda went, "And these are how expensive?" But they really are excellent. I like them better than the BK Warpigs in my Oni8….well, let me rephrase…I like THESE pickups in THIS GUITAR better than the BK's in THAT GUITAR. Basswood v. Ziricote, scale length(s), et cetera.

Here's some stuff I need to work on to make the Ibby better.
Action; that's a 3mm Jazz Stubby. Kev said he likes high action…he wasn't kiddin'. He's much more of a man than I. It's the power of Viking Beard.

Pickup high on bass side, low on treble side. Easy peasy.

I knew about this when I bought it, but I'm going to see if anything can be done to fix it.

I thought I may be able to lower the action by lowering the bridge, but it looks like it had been lowered so far that it cracked the finish already. We shall see. I haven't even touched it yet. Just took pics.

The frets look like they are oxidized and corroded in this picture because they are oxidized and corroded. Haha.

This is whats going to replace them. Giant fretwire from Allparts.

The lot.

And a pic of me lovingly annoying the shit out of Ruby SoHo for cuteness.

In conclusion, "Be excellent to each other. And....PARTY ON DUDES!!" - Abraham Lincoln.

...and edit:

This weekend was about fixing everything on this beast that I could.

First thing to reposition the pickups was to fill the old holes with Gorilla Wood Glue and Tooth-pics. I let it dry for 24 hours then broke them off and cut them flush with a razor blade. While it was drying you may notice I also polished the frets just to make it pretty.

I looked for some new foam to stick under the pickups to hold them up, but not allow them to rattle around. I was being super picky trying to find something that was dense enough, but still malleable. I wound up with 2 kinds, but used the rubber foam as it was a bit denser than the air conditioner weatherseal foam.

Cut it to size.

This stuff is self-adhesive on one side, so I took the paper off of the non-stick side and re-stuck it over the sticky side. I imagine that it would be a super pain in the ass to remove after being in a case in a car trunk on a hot day if you stuck in on the guitar or pickup.

See what I mean?

There ya go.

Aligning pickups.



Time to drill with my new Makita. Oh!



Ok. Strings. I went with the Tosin gauges (I know he uses a different brand, but I'm partial to D'Addario).

Yeah, that 080 will NOT go thru there.

Drillage with 3/32 bit.

Meh. I still don't like that.

Drillage with 7/64 bit. That should do.

These are cutters for bicycle brake / shifting cable, but work fantastic on super thick strings.

This isn't going to stay.

Another angle.

I gave the string a little pre-smush.

Yeah, the 060 wasn't going thru either. Drillage with 3/32 bit.

Pre-smush again.

Then it was just regular six string business as usual until the G string.

The rest is down there.

So I got it out and it's working again…for now? Anyone know where I can get an OEM replacement? Made that part big for the scrollers that don't like reading.
And we're done for today.

Next step is beyond me, and that's the giant fret installation. I still don't know whom to turn it in to. I'd like to see what fretwork / setup is like from Dan Erlewine or Joe Glaser once in my lifetime. Though, I don't want to wait for 3 months for that either. We shall see.

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Nice score man. Huge ass frets too

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You're going to lower the action? Why not wait until the huge frets are on there? You'll just have to raise it again :lol:

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Nice score. And i hope management pulled you in on monday to tell you what a great job you did only calling off 1 day out of 7 years. If not, i'd tell them to eat shit :lol:

Also, the giant fretwire will probably sit higher, making the bridge lowering issue not as big of a deal if its even a problem at all after that.

Oh, and oni 8? Pics naow!

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The action is easy to fix, just shim the neck.

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Thanks dudes!

I'm having fun playing, so I dont want to turn it into a tech just yet for the refret.

I'm going to hit up the store tonight after work and see about getting some of that dense foam to put under the Lundgrens...and also fill the holes and move them over while I'm at it. I know the magnetic field is a cloud, so it’s not important, but aesthetically speaking Id like the poles under the strings.

The 3 way is crapping out when you switch back to the bridge pickup so I’m gonna check that out. I also like the pots to have more resistance when you turn them so I’ll have to look up how to do that. I read it once on TGP, but dont remember if it was a bushing thing, or lube?

This may seem like a stretch, but does anyone know if you pull the old frets and install the new ones, THEN bring it in for leveling / crowning, is the cost cheaper?

In the world of cycling you can pull things like that. Say you don’t know how to true a wheel…you can lace it up and bring it in with the spokes floppy and they will only charge you to true the wheel rather than the cost to build + cost to true.


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And a pic of me lovingly annoying the shit out of Ruby SoHo for cuteness.

Congrats on the acquisitions. I tried out a 2228 at the store when they first came out, and I could not deal with that neck, but I thought it sounded pretty good, and that was with EMGs.

BTW, getting that "fusion sustain" sound is the most difficult thing to do on any modeler, including the Axe-FX. I always end up using more gain than I would on a real amp. I'll be curious to read how well the HD does that.

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Very cool.

And :yesway: for your puppy. She looks just like my Dakota.

I thought the same thing when I saw that pic in another thread! Ruby actually belongs to Tim from Rise Against. Hence, how she got named after a Rancid song. She's one of 2 dogs I've met in my lifetime that doesnt hate me. :kiss:

Every time I meet a dog, the owner says, "I've never seen him/her respond to anyone that way before!" Yep, glad to be of service...breaking ground. It's a vicious cycle because they say dogs can sense fear, but they all want to attack me so, uh...yeah, I'm afraid damnit!! haha.

BTW, getting that "fusion sustain" sound is the most difficult thing to do on any modeler, including the Axe-FX. I always end up using more gain than I would on a real amp. I'll be curious to read how well the HD does that.
I'm still working on it. We'll have to share secrets because I think you and I are after a similar tone. Suprisingly, I thought it would be found in the Mesa model, but I will say I'm getting closer with Marshall types.

The Bogner model with comp/boost, and a smidge of delay got me an exact Vai / Daniele Gottardo patch that I'm having fun with.

Oh yeah....and bump for original post edit / question in bold.
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